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Porsche Cayenne-Based Lamborghini SUV Rumors Surface Again

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Lamborghini and Porsche are allegedly teaming up to build Lambo a 4×4 SUV. Even though the two car brands produce very different sports cars at the opposite end of the spectrum, Porsche has agreed to lend its existing expertise to the Italian automaker to produce a SUV. This is not Lamborghini's first time building a 4×4 however. The automaker built a series of 4x4s for military use, that were named the Cheetah, the LM001 and the LM002 (aka Rambo Lambo) during the late seventies and eighties.

Lamborghini sees this 4×4 opportunity as a way to get into the competitive SUV market. This move would also give the Italian automaker a competitive edge over long time arch rival Ferrari, in this sector. Lamborghini has the potential to compete in the SUV market, but they cannot do it alone. Porsche has proven itself in this market, and the two companies joining forces for this project makes some sense. A senior source at the VW Group insisted that this project will not dillute the brands capability to build sports cars.

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Smart move!

But I really hope this wont be a rebadged & over priced cayenne.
I wish Lamborghini all the best with this project but the competition is stiff and others are far ahead in the game. I'm really excited to see what they can put together.
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