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Porsche Cayenne Blue Chrome [Photo Gallery]

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Porsche’s state of the art factories in Germany are rolling out Cayennes and Panameras at an alarming pace. Even though you no two are supposed to be alike in terms of configuration, it’s hard to stand out when every other rich guy has the same one.

The Russians understand this very well, and they’ve done something not normally seen elsewhere. The future owner had the dealer put some extra spice into his standard Cayenne. An so, the car went straight from the dealer’s lot to Re-Styling without it even being bought.

The color chosen was one of the most extreme shades of blue called Vitral Hexis. It’s even got a name now, “Kaena”. How Russian is that!

If you’re the type of businessman who doesn’t have to go to business meetings, why not convert your SUV into a big, attention grabbing mirror. It’s completely reversible. It’s completely reversible and will protect your paintjob as well.

Porsche Cayenne Blue Chrome [Photo Gallery] - autoevolution
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