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You wouldn't necessarily thing of Russia when talking about Porsche tuners, but specialist firm TopCar has some of the biggest high-roller customers out there, people who have crazy custom dreams and a lot of cash to back them up.

We've seen TopCar's body kit for the Porsche Cayenne before, but not like this. The exterior package is called the Vantage 2 and changes the look of the Stuttgart SUV with horizontal bars and widening fenders.

This one is even more crazy because it accentuates all the different trim pieces in bright green, contrasting with the white body. The green theme carries over to the interior via quilted leather seats and a whole console covered in green.

As if that wasn't crazy enough, every bit of trim is now carbon fiver, from the console to the door elements and the grab handles, and most of it is coved in green as well. We're struggling to think of another green carbon car out there, which means the Green Hose here is quite special, even if a bit crazy.

Next time we'll think about Porsche tuning, the Russians will definitely come to mind!

Porsche Cayenne Crazy Tuning: TopCar Green Horse! [Photo Gallery] - autoevolution
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