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Came across this interesting story on TTAC. I know dealerships can be tough to deal with at times but this one Cayenne owner went to serious measures to help make things fair for himself....read on!

Porsche Cayenne Owner Stages Massive Protest At Dealer In China | The Truth About Cars

An angry owner of a Porsche Cayenne staged a massive protest at his local Porsche dealer in Shenzhen in Guangdong Province. He had bought a brand-new Cayenne two months ago for he astounding price of 2.7 million yuan, or $428,000 (at least that’s what he had told MOP.com.)

Unfortunately, the Cayenne owner experienced a lot of trouble. The owner claims that the car’s problems made him almost crash on two occasions.

He took his Cayenne back to the dealer who promised to fix it, but the problems didn’t go away. He went back again, and again, but there was still no fix. In the end, the owner could not take it anymore. He rented a flatbed and hauled his SUV right in front of the dealer, flatbed covered with banners accusing the Porsche dealer of all kinds of bad, including discrimination… He also rented a crowd.

The owner argues that this sort of thing would never happen in the US or Germany. Therefore, he says, the Porsche dealership in China “discriminates against Chinese consumers”. Discrimination is a very sensitive thing in China and still appeals to many. Chinese people easily feel ‘discriminated against’ by ‘the West’.

According to reports in Chinese media the dealer tried to solve the problem by offering the angry owner a new Cayenne in exchange for his troubled car. The owner didn’t want another Porsche, and asked his money back.

Porsche reluctantly agreed, but only if the owner would sign a confidentiality agreement stating that he wouldn’t tell anyone why he gave his Porsche back. The owner refused to sign and the deal fell through.

As for now, there seems no solution in sight…

(ED: If I would have paid $428,000 for a Cayenne, I would want my money back also.)
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