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A spectacular first generation Porsche Cayenne S in matte black, seen in a second hand car dealer in Beijing. The black paint is supported by gigantic shiny black alloys with 22 inch low profile tires. Price was gigantic too for a second hand Porsche; 927.000 yuan or 147.000 USD. The new Cayenne S starts at 1.5 million yuan.

I guess those alloys were expensive… The Cayenne is by far the most popular Porsche in China, fore the Panamera, 911, Cayman and Boxter. We have a small collection: body kit, broken with semi-naked girls, Hamann Guardian, stretched, pink, in gold, another stretched, in orange, with dog-pee, and French.

Porsche Cayenne S is matte black in China | CarNewsChina.com - China Auto News
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