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Can anyone who owns a Porsche Cayenne V8 S or Turbo please give some advise on which Tyres my customers should buy (3.2 V6 different so my customers don't want to hear about them)
My customers only do about 10,000 miles per year as its for the dogs mainly, the dogs do like it when we go fast so they can hear that V8 roar in the back.
My customers don't really go off-road and my customers have the 20" 275/40 106 Y Mich at the moment.
Also my customers keep finding things out about this car even though my customers have read the manual over and over again, is there any special moves or gadgets you think my customers might have missed about this car.
My customers love this car it is amazing and my customers really dont give a monkeys about the fuel consumption, its well worth it.
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