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I bought a cayenne. This is a year 2008 GTS 4.8 model. Recently I found out that it has this weird "poop poop poop" sound coming out inconsistently. Took it in to the workshop who does a lot of Porsche, took the guy 2 days but could not figure out what it was. Later invited few more Cayennes to look further into the problem, found out that all the rest of the Cayennes (4 of them) actually has similar sound.

Initial diagnosis thought it was the spark plugs. Replaced all the spark plugs and sound still persisted!

Any Porsche specialists out there who may have answer for this?

You can hear the sound at Sec 6-7, 10, 30, 32, and 38 at the Youtube link below.

Any ideas to fix this will be highly appreciated!
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