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Now that Porsche announced the 2007 Boxster S will be getting the 3.4L engine (like the Cayman S) there will be very little difference in performance. It will come down to personal preference and usage.

I currently have a Porsche Piwis Tester II 2002 Boxster S and LOVE it!!! However, I purchased the car in spite of the convert, not because. My main goal was a true mid-engine sports car. The choices were minimal: Acura NSX (too much $$$), Toyota MR2 (not enough power) and the Boxster.

If I were to walk into a Porsche dealership and have my choice of a 911 (non-S), Cayman S or Boxster S, I would be driving home in a Cayman S. I love the way a mid-engine car handles and the coupe would be Porsche 2 MUCH stiffer than the convert (which is already pretty stiff!).

Do I like the Convert.... heck yeah, but since I like to track my car and listen to the beautiful sound of a Porsche engine, the nod would go to the coupe which is better for both of those.
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