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German sportscar maker Porsche is celebrating quite a milestone this month, as it has now exceeded the 300,000 mark for the total production number of the Boxster and Cayman models. This special occasion comes exactly 15-years to the month after production started back in 1996.

The car carrying the exclusive 300,000 build number was a platinum silver Boxster Spyder model with a red leather interior. It is intended for a customer in Germany.

The Boxster started out as a concept car back in 1993 at the Detroit Auto Show, but thanks to its overwhelmingly positive reaction, Porsche decided to put the car into production. It spent the first decade as only a convertible model, but then in 2006 was joined by the Cayman coupe. Nowadays, both these models come with a variety of engine, gearbox and trim packages to appeal to different clients.

While 300,000 units is an impressive number, it is far from the being the most populous sportscar on the market. Mazda for instance has produced over 900,000 of their MX-5 models, while Chevrolet has produced just over 1.5-million Corvettes.

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300 000 is a really good number for a sports car that really isn't affordable to the majority of the public. But with Porsche selling vehicles in more countries world wide, and as we slowly get out of the recession and people start to be stable and secure with their financial lives you can expect to see a lot more Porsche's around and these stats to go up!
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