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Porsche Club of America Raffles Off 1973 911T Coupe: Video

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As part of the Porsche Parade organized by the Porsche Club of America, the club will raffle off a fully restored 1973 US version 911 T Coupe amoung PCA members. The car can be viewed at the festival in Savannah, Georgia from July 31 to August 7. The 911 T has been restored to its former glory by experts at Porsche Classic in Stuttgart. The PCA decided it would be more fun to offer an attractive classic Porsche instead of a new vehicle in the traditional PCA raffle.

The Porsche was found near Los Angeles and then was shipped back to Suttgart. The 911 features an air-cooled 2.4-liter flat six engine. Power is around 140-hp at 5,600 rpm and has a top speed of 127 mph (205 km/h). The 911 will be finished in the classic color combination of silver metallic on the exterior and black on the interior.

In total, the restoration of the 911 took just under a year. Every last screw was pulled out and checked by experts at Porsche Classic. For the extensive body work, the mechanics used either original or reproduced parts on the basis of the original documentation. At the end, the Porsche was also subjected to thorough function and performance tests, and now the 911 T shines again in its former glory and exudes the sporty charm of the 70s.

Check out the videos after the jump!

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im blown away at how far Porsche went to restore this 911. whoever buys this will own a true piece of history. i just hope the new owner will take proper care of it and not let it go to waste.
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