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Getting right to the point, the Porsche Design Tower is unlike any other condo ( at least to my knowledge) instead of parking your car on the ground or underground floors of your condo along with the rest of the residents, you get to take your car up to your unit with a car elevator!

Interested? Read on.........

While Porsche styles its own sports cars, SUVs and sedans, its consumer goods division, Porsche Design, styles all manner of goods: watches, phones, yachts, bars, appliances, tools, toys, clothing and accessories... even condominium buildings. At least it does now as a new project on Miami Beach prepares for construction.

Called Porsche Design Tower, the project is a joint effort between the design studio and real estate developer Gil Dezer. The 57-story block on 2.2 acres of prime Collins Avenue real estate is set to incorporate 132 housing units, each with its own parking spaces. That bit is straightforward enough, but it's where the slots are situated that is the novelty.

Rather than have residents park downstairs and take elevators up to their condos, the project includes three robotic car elevators that allow residents to take their cars right up to their pads. It's not the first project that incorporates car elevators, but is the first planned by Porsche Design, and could lead to similar projects across the United States. So even if you don't want to live in your Cayenne, you can still live with it.
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