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Porsche GT2 RS Pikes Peak Record Holder For Sale

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Want to own a piece of Porsche history? Now you can. The record setting Porsche GT2 RS that was piloted by Jeff Zwart at Pikes Peak is currently for sale at Champion Motorsport in sunny South Florida. Champion's Porsche dealership, the largest Porsche dealership year after year, currently has the GT2 RS sitting in their showroom looking for a new owner.

Earlier this week, Porsche released a video of Zwart's record setting run up Pikes Peak after driving 1,132 miles from California. The GT2 RS mostly has interior modifications, being a race car and all, and currently sports only a driver's seat, OMP steering wheel and safety cage. Hopefully whoever purchases it will preserve it as a race car rather than letting it sit in the garage as some sort of collectible.

And in case you missed it, watch the video of the Pikes Peak run after the jump:

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This car should hopefully go to a good home. Rather not see this end up in some museum and go down in history. Surprised the 911 still looks MINT. Too bad price wasn't mentioned, maybe it will be announced soon enough?
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