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Porsche Increasing Cayenne Production as Global Demand Surges

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Porsche is planning to double its sales to 200,000 units by 2018, and the German automaker is expecting the SUV side of sales to take the lead in achieving this goal, especially considering the Cayenne is already the best selling vehicle in its lineup.

The automaker wants to increase production of the Cayenne by 10 percent this year, and 20 percent in 2012 because of the growing demand. Buyers in China have to wait 12 months to get their hands on a Cayenne. Porsche fully understands this issue and wants to cut that wait time down to six months for next year. The Cayenne is also helping the entire Porsche lineup as orders have increased 26 percent in the first half to 65,660 units. Porsche hopes to see 28,000 Panamera sales in 2011.

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I'm still shocked how well Porsche sales are doing since a lot of people are still recovering from the recession.

China will be the next biggest market for the Cayenne. Chinese car buyers seem to love the German brand vehicles.
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