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Porsche is doing well during the bad economy.

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while i hear people complaining about gas prices and looking for other ways to get around other than there own personal vehicle, Porsche is still doing well to my surprise. Sales went up 80% for Porsche in this bad time.

is anyone on the boards buying a Porsche anytime soon?

the below is from HERE

importer and distributor of Porsche sports cars, Cayenne SUVs and the Panamera four-door sports sedan line-up in the United States, today announced April sales in the U.S. of 3,172 vehicles compared to the same period last year when it sold 1,747, an increase of 82 percent.

April’s results represent the German sports car maker’s best April since 2006 and best sales month since March 2007. So far in 2011, the company’s sales are 10,179 vehicles, compared to the same four month period last year when they were 6,969, which represents a 46 percent increase year-to-date.

Notable was the all-new Cayenne, which continues to sell at a torrid pace, up 384 percent for the month and 141 percent for the year. Additionally, the iconic 911 was up nearly 66 percent for the month and is up 13 percent for the year.

For the month, Porsche’s Approved Certified Pre-Owned vehicle sales were 776, compared to 713 last year.
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Well you have to remember Porsche isn't cheap and most people who would consider a Porsche are those with money & good paying jobs. We don't drive Honda's!

If you have a good paying job (I hope) the bad economy won't hurt you as much as those less fortunate.

The rise in new Porsche's explains me seeing a lot more Porsche's during my daily commute! Anyone noticing this too?
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