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Porsche has released a unique application called the Porsche 360° app for the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. This app allows for an up-close driving experience without actually sitting inside one of the sports cars.

The app allows users to ride shotgun, alongside Porsche driver Jeroen Bleekemolen for a lap around the Zandvoort circuit. While in the simulator, the user can choose any viewing angle by moving the Apple product into the according direction.

This app is currently only available in The Netherlands, but is also in the App store in co-operation with Porsche AG.

Check out the Porsche 360° video after the jump!

More: Porsche Launches 360 HD-video Experience App [VIDEO] on AutoGuide.com

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I see Porsche has their marketing in check. Anyone viewing this thread should check out the video in the link autoguide.com posted, the video in that link will really surprise you.

Being able to move your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch around and getting different views from "sitting shotgun" is just too cool. Porsche has really made the APP into a real driving simulator.
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