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Am I the only one following the Macan?

Recent spy photos of the Porsche Macan reveal that the German automaker is nearing completion with its newest SUV model that shares a platform with the Audi Q5.

Recently, Porsche’s R&D chief Wolfgang Hatz went on the record saying that the Macan is “not a Q5 with a Porsche hat on,” and that the SUV will be significantly different than the platform its based on. The German automaker has overhauled everything on the vehicle including its engines, transmissions, and suspension and went so far as to say that “Audi can’t believe what we’ve done.”

Hatz also confirmed that the Macan will be the first modern-day Porsche to feature a four-cylinder powerplant under the hood, but won’t be available when the SUV debuts next year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Near the middle of its initial lifecycle, Porsche will offer the Macan with a four-cylinder engine, presumably turbocharged.

[Source: Autocar UK]
Porsche Macan Not an Audi Q5 Says R&D Chief | AutoGuide.com News
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