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Porsche Owner Saves 911 From Flood Using Inflatable Cushion

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A resident near Louisville Kentucky has saved his Porsche 911 from a flood caused by a rapid flowing river. It appears as though the Porsche owner fastened his yellow 964 to an inflatable cushion, and then tied it to his house to save it from being washed away by the flood.

The home was in close proximity to the Ohio River which flooded this April. It is unclear whether the 964 is a Porsche America Roadster(250 produced) or a C2 Turbo-look roadster. Regardless of what model it is, this car obviously holds enough sentimental value to be made its own life raft and Porsche's slogan holds true in this case. "Porsche…There is no substitute".

More: Porsche Owner Saves 911 From Flood Using Inflatable Cushion on AutoGuide.com
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That's a real Porsche enthusiast. What a way to save your car in a flood!
I should keep a inflated cushion handy incase im in that position. I hope that Porsche 911 was his only, but the size of his house makes me wonder
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