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You can buy a nice new Porsche for tens of thousands of pounds. Take out the Porsche finance to pay it up, take Porsche insurance, pay them for GAP insurance, take a £1500 a year warranty for the first few years and also get them to service it for the first three years. They will smile and be very kind to you whilst doing this BUT you've bought a defective car (which they know about).

Its fact that there is an inherent problem with the Porsche 996/997 models which is known as the dreaded 'bore scoring'. Those two words can instantly raise fear of any owner of these vehicles as its a fatal flaw that is costing thousands of innocent Porsche victims worldwide, thousands of pounds, in most cases in excess of £10,000 for a new engine. I am one of those unfortunate Porsche victims and I am definitely not going to be the last. THESE CARS WERE NEVER RECALLED. Porsche effectively thought that they would put their head in the sand and hoping that the problem would go away. Funny how the sales people at Porsche don't tell you about the potential issues when you buy the car.

WHY would Porsche think they had no need to address the problem?. The average car manufacturer takes their responsibly and RECALLS the car to rectify the problem. However when you buy a Porsche and pay £53500 for a two year old one you don't expect to be replacing the engine after 7 years of ownership. I had never heard of the dreaded 'scored bore' issue until my car started showing the highly obvious symptoms: excessive oil consumption, noisy engine and sooted left tail pipe, there are no shortage of stories on hundreds of forums from Porsche victims around the world.

The customer services are very arrogant, cocky, disinterested and don't want anything to do with you. It's almost like they are non existent especially as your 'loyalty to the brand' (actual quote from Rachel at Porsche UK HQ) is somewhat lacking over the past 3 or 4 years as I failed to get my car serviced at the Porsche dealer and instead used a highly recognised Porsche (non dealer) garage for my servicing, nor did I continue with my £1500 a year Porsche warranty and my car is now over eight years (jan 2005) old so its basically a case of 'tough' you have not remained loyal enough to the brand for us to even consider any form of 'goodwill'.

They have indeed told me that in order for them to asses what level of goodwill, if any, they will give me (and by my lack of loyalty to the brand over the past few years I suspect the goodwill would be non existent or an absolute insult) I will have to get my engine ripped out at the Porsche dealership for them to wiggle their way out of any liability...oops I meant ...asses the problem to conclude whether it is the dreaded 'scored bores' or not. In the process I will be left carless. Now, all I want to know from them is if they are of the opinion that it is 'scored bores' and based on my lack of loyalty to the brand (that is so laughable) they must be able to tell me now, before taking my car to pieces, what level of 'goodwill' I am likely to get, if any at all.

I have heard so many stories of Porsche dealers asking Porsche victims to either pay up to get their car engine replaced or get the car towed off their premises so as I don't want to be caught between a rock and a hard place all I want to know is what, if anything am I likely to get? If their level of goodwill was going to be £500 towards the cost of a £15000 engine replacement then I would most definitely be towing my car out of there never to set foot in a Porsche garage again. They have put so many people in that position and I am not going to follow suit.

Many people will say, 'well you can afford a Porsche so you can afford to pay for repairs' which is absolutely true but not the issue here, I have no problem paying for an expensive repair that is not a well documented problem with Porsche engineering and an inherent one that was going to happen regardless of who serviced my car over the years or how well I drove it or how often I serviced it etc. This was ALWAYS going to happen so for Porsche to try and wiggle out of paying for a new engine, not just for me but for other Porsche owners around the globe, is ridiculous and its daylight robbery.

You buy a Porsche expecting it to last a very long time....you certainly don't expect it to end up in the ever expanding Porsche graveyard after just 7 years of ownership and 72k miles on the clock!

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