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Porsche Promotional Video Outlines Design History [Video]

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Wall Street traders holding hot commodities might yell "sell sell sell!" They want to shoo as much out the door while demand is hot because, as they know, the definition of "in demand" changes all to quickly, or does it? No doubt a fair number of those individuals finish their day by drawing a key from their coat pocket emblazoned with a Porsche coat of arms, proving that some commodities have staying power.

Some argue that Porsche's cars have barely changed from a styling perspective. Those changes are so minimal, they may say, that the product is old and stale. Opinions be damned, Porsche doesn't agree and released a video to massage their fans and thumb noses at critics all at once.

The video chronicles the company's history and how the new Carrera evolved into what it is today, making a point to be clear that their goal is to maintain a distinctly Porsche look while constantly improving the smallest details year over year. You can decide for yourself and watch the video below.

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Porsche has been on the right path with design for a while without ever killing off any signature styling or features that define a Porsche. Even with totally new vehicles (or that were once new to the brand) such as the Cayenne, it still has a lot of Porsche sports car characteristics. Can't wait to see what future Porsche vehicles will look like!
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