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Hey Guys, hows it going?

Currently in the market for a new vehicle and this is the first time I'm considering an SUV. I am a business type of person, so I need a presentable vehicle yet something I can have fun with. So far the Porsche Cayenne fits my needs. Other SUV's I've considered were:

- BMW X6
- Range Rover Sport
- Cadillac Escalade ESV
- Lincoln navigator

I want to hear from experienced Porsche Cayenne owners on what they think about the Cayenne.

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i never owned a Porsche Cayenne but my buddy let me borrow his for a couple days while he was outta town. i loved it and it did make a statement or at least i thought it did. judging from your list of SUV's i will assume you have the coin for a new or new condition Porsche Cayenne.

just make sure u get the 2nd Generation Porsche Cayenne, 1st Generations are CHEAP and now anyone can pick up a cheap, and abused 1st gen and call it day.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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