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The Porsche factory at Leipzig celebrated the production of the 500,000th vehicle, an impressive number given the company's luxury status that becomes even more eye rising when you learn that it was achieved in just 10 years.

The milestone model is a Cayenne SUV with a V8 engine that was transformed into a command vehicle for the Leipzig fire brigade with the assistance of Porsche apprentices.

"Half a million vehicles in only ten years is a remarkable result for a luxury car manufacturer like Porsche," said Porsche CEO Matthias Müller. "Behind the success is a strong workforce now numbering 1,005 employees at our production facility in Saxony."

Porsche completed the Leipzig facility in 2001 and began series production of the then new Cayenne Mk1 in 2002. In April of 2009, the automaker added the Panamera sports saloon.

Porsche's Leipzig Factory Builds 500,000th Vehicle, a Cayenne V8 for the Fire Brigade - Carscoop
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