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Hi everyone.

I'm thinking of replacing my Renault Megane R26 daily driver and Ford Ranger tow car with a 4x4 (SUV) to do both jobs. I'm pretty much decided on the Cayenne S. At over $10/gal the Turbo would get through too much fuel and the 3.2l V6 was unimpressive in my Golf R32 so it must struggle to move the Cayenne!:eek:

I'm trying to pick one based on condition rather than colour, mileage or toys that I probably don't need (I don't think air suspension will be of any use to me...but a button that makes the car go up and down is strangely tempting!?):eek:

Hopefully I'll be back to post pics of my new car soon but if you have any advice in the mean time, I'd be glad to hear it!

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