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First of all, a big hello to you all!

I've been thinking about getting a 2004-2006 Cayenne and while I have done plenty of research on the different models and their respective specs I'm keen to get opinions on how they 'feel' and the experiences of people in the know!

I currently own a Lexus GS 300 Limited edition, (I mention the limited edition as I like the extra styling bits it brings and am conscious of this on the different level Cayennes) Now up until this point all my opinions are spec related, so will be please if I can get some opinions based around that.

I can afford the base model Cayenne, it will add about £300-£400 ($500-$650) to my insurance a year the issues with this model is the level of extras, the 'budget' look and 0-60 time. My lexus does 0-60 in 7 seconds, I'm not a speed demon, (I was, but that's what almost crippled my licence and is the reason I already pay TOO much for insurance) but I do like having the power there if and when I need it. The Cayenne base model is 9.4 seconds..... on paper that sounds like a bit of a pig but I'm wondering if in reality, because it is a big car that is being moved at that speed will it feel better?? Also the accessories and does the base model feel a bit too cheap inside?

As for the Cayenne S, I 'd be really stretching myself for this, the cost of buying it isn't so much of an issue, if you search around enough you'll find a good deal, the main issue is the insurance, the letter 'S' adds around £700-£800 ($1150-$1300) to my insurance a year! But the 0-60 reduces to match my lexus at 7 seconds and for a 2 tonne plus car, that is pretty darn impressive! The mpg cost is only 1mpg worse than the base which even at 19mpg (I'm guessing optomistic!) doesn't overly bother me as I don't drive half as much as I used to.

So million dollar question, do I go for the S and stretch the purse strings, be happy and enjoy my car or go for the Base, be a bit more confortable financially but (and I know this will happen) constantly be sad that I don't have the perks of the S?

Oh and lets just say the Turbo is out of the question :) Maybe one day!

Many thanks in advance!


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Welcome to the forum Jason!

It sucks that your paying a lot for insurance but we all go through that faze where we do things on the road we regret later on. Luck for me I never got caught doing anything stupid on the road. I learned from my friend's bad experiences to not take the risk!

For an SUV, the Cayenne hauls a$$! and you will notice how fast it is when you go from 0-60. It's not fast but for an SUV it is.

With you situation, I would suggest you get the base model Cayenne. I don't think you will be disappointed. Do yourself a favor and test drive one.

When your insurance rate goes down, then i think you should upgrade to a S
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