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Caught some nice waves today got back in the 2010 Cayenne GTS and got literally all of these things at once.

PSM Fault (Seems to have gone away)
Chassis Fault (No more sport mode possible)
Headlight Fault (Seems to work still)
Passenger seat moving back and forth on its own.
EDIT: Oh and the horn when you lock the car doesn't work

Uh....I've been out of town and its been raining so my thoughts are:

1. Rain water somewhere?
2. Mice/Rats are living in the car and eating my wires
3. Battery is dying? (It shows 15 on the reader)

Anyone ever had their Cayenne possessed like this all at once. I feel very special. This is my secondary car and hoping not to drop 5k dollars on whatever. Car right about to h it 100k miles

Thanks all!

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15 what on the battery? Volts? Years? What's 15 mean?

1. Possible. Feel the front footwell carpets. You may have to pry the edge out from under the door trim. Is it wet under there? If you haven't cleared the drains on at least an annual basis the chances of having flooded footwell with corroded wire connections on the cable bundles that go through there is fairly high. Just feeling the top of the carpet doesn't tell you much (unless it's floating in water) since there is 1-1.5" of water absorbent foam rubber under the carpets with wiring running through it.

2. Also possible I guess. Only diagnosis is poking around looking for damage (sometimes smell will lead you to it - mice pee all the time..)

3. Not sure. Need to know what "15" means.

The ghostly passenger seat is a new one on me...
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