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Range Rover Evoque VS Porsche Cajun

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The Porsche Cajun release date wont be until late 2012 till 2013 and Cajun specs have yet to be fully released so for now we dont have much to go off of to better compare it to the Evoque.

Cajun will be the baby brother of the Cayenne, I almost mistaken it for a Cayenne! They look very much a like.

Both Porsche Cajun & Range Rover Evoque are compact SUV's/CUV's, both look good to me.

I was reading this article on them here Carfeed.net car news: Range Rover Evoque vs Porsche Cajun

It's hard for me to decide which one I'd prefer. I know a lot about the Evoque, but deep down inside I'm a strong Porsche fan, and all I need is more Cajun info and pics to finalize my decision....

So far what do you guys prefer, the Porsche Cajun or Range Rover Evoque?
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