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Who can point me in the right direction to be able to get the Bosch ME7.2 and 997 ME7.8 DME into Boot mode? Could it be done via Galletto or KESS v2 ecu tuning box?

Can dump the contents of it’s EEPROM to a binary.

1. ME7.2 by FgTech Galletto V54 BDM-Tricore-OBD programmer

FgTech Galletto works well for boot mode tricore. ME7.2 read in boot mode can be achieved perfectly with Galletto master. Here is the instruction of read ME7.2 in boot mode:

1) The Power supply should be able to provide a minimum of 13v.... I use a Lab supply, tuned to give 13.5v DC output.

2) The wiring harness I use has mini clips on the ends of each cable but I will make up a harness which uses salvage ECU connectors for the ME5.2.2, ME7.2 etc. so that plugging in is quicker and safer in the future.

3) Connect the +12v to pins 1/1,1/2,1/7,1/8 AND 1/9

4) Connect the -12v to pin 1/5 OR 1/6

5) Connect the K-Line to pin 1/3

6) Power up the lab supply

7) Perform the initial actions in Galletto to "ECU Detect"

8) Click on "Read ECU"

9) When Galletto tells you to reboot the ECU with pin 24 grounded, use the following procedure instead!
9a) switch off the lab supply
9b) hold a -12v lead on the main circuit board position shown.
9c) switch on the lab power supply
9d) after about 5 seconds, pull the ground lead away from the circuit board.
9e) tap OK in Galletto software
9f) It should now be in boot mode and you should see galletto download a 512K file.


2. ME7.8 by KESS V2 Manager Tuning Kit Master

Alientech KESS V2 does not work on Bosch ME7.8.1 but has the others listed. But KESS V2 clone is able to read ME7.8 via OBD less than 3 minutes. ME7.8 uses infineon c167 mcu not st10, make sure you select the correct ECU.

We do not have step-by-step instructions here, but here is a similar video operation instructions for you to refer:

Reading ecu from vw passat b5 1.8t with kess v2 ME7.5 in boot mode
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