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Recently I bought a wrecked 2002 Porsche 986. I tried to fix its body, but after I put all the parts together, its airbag light came on. Since I could not find a really good tutorial on this, I decided to make my own.
I used Porsche Piwis cable to read the ABS system, and it gave me this code: Airbag B05 Module identification. Fortunately, I had a spare parts car, so I just took the module form it. The module is located under your stereo head unit and in front of the gear shifter. I easily took the module out and got it replaced.
Before we start, disconnect you battery and let it sit for a few minutes.
The first thing to do is remove the side panels. These are just popped off. Take them off evenly so that you will not break the tabs. No tool is needed.
Now you can see the module:

Find bolts on the module.

Use regular 10mm nuts to put this back together.
Here you can see the different modules out, they can have different serial numbers on them but they are the same part number.

Remove the old module and put the new one back in and bolted it back down, then reconnect the battery.
Plug in your Durametric plug again and reset the light. Use the Porsche diagnostic cable to verify if the problem is eliminated. No codes pulled. Done.
The whole procedure took around 30 minutes. Hope my tutorial is helpful for you.
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