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Rising Cost Of Fuel Vs Public Transportation

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“As gas prices rise, using public transportation is the quickest way people can beat high gasoline prices,” states William Millar, president American Public Transportation Association (APTA).

As uncertainty in other parts of the world persists, and Americans continue to suffer economic woes, making the change to public transit today gives individuals the opportunity to lower their transportation costs, without sacrificing their freedom and mobility. Switching from driving to riding public transportation for even a few of their trips is a proven way for individuals to cut monthly and yearly transportation costs.

The national average for a monthly unreserved parking space in a downtown business district is $161.56, according to the 2010 Colliers International Parking Rate Study. Over the course of a year, parking costs for a vehicle can amount to an average of $1,939.

With all that being said, its expensive to drive your own car, and even car pool at that sometimes. So maybe we should all just stick to public transportation? As also these are said to be the highest numbers in the last 2 years.Would you guys rather take public Transportation?

A chart is post in there website.
Rapidly Rising Gas Prices Give Public Transit Riders Highest Savings in Two Years
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