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Satellite radio changes to AM radio upon starting the car.......why?

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About 50% of the time when I start my 2016 Cayenne Turbo my stereo turns on with an AM station playing.
The car's stereo is ALWAYS set on satellite, not AM.
Anyone else have this issue & a resolution??
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Chances are it's the remembered setting with your key. To cure this:

1 - Tune to what you want (Satellite?)
2 - Press the learn button on the memory panel on the drivers door - select which one you want to remember your settings
3 - Get out of the car and USE THE KEY button to lock the car. That saves the settings you've made to that key position in the car memory. Then if you use that key to unlock the car - it should remember you want satellite. Note that this has to be done for any key you have for the car.
Moving this to the Gen2 forum section...
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