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Save the manuals

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New member in Montana.
I doubt if there are too many year round Cayenne drivers residing in Montana. There is no Porsche dealership and service could be a bit dicey.
But it has been nearly two years since I bought my internet Cayenne from Nashua Porsche. I am still smitten.
*purchased with 41Kmiles for $25K *one owner *3.2 w/6spd manual *18"wheels *full beige leather/factory nav * titanium ext
and not much else - which is exactly what I was looking for...................
At present I have nearly 80K and have replaced the coils (done at the VW dealer), drive shaft isolation mount (thanks Vertex), brakes (slotted cryos & Hawk pads - awesome), Nokian WRG tires (excellent) & performed book service. So far I have been able to handle everything with the factory book (DVD) & a willing local fleet repair shop that keeps the local ranchers in motion.
I live down 4 miles of off-road rocks/dust/slop/snow/ice etc . . .
This vehicle works wonderfully and can maintain a pace on paved mountain roads that good sense does not take me any faster in my 928.
Now if I can figure out the constantly failing right front turn signal I'm set.
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