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Several Cayenne items for sale: headrests, floor mats, cargo mat, roof rack, etc

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I'm selling my 2009 Porsche Cayenne and over the years we've purchased several add on items for the car that I'm now selling as well. The items are all for the 2009 model, but most of them aren't model year specific and should work on other model years.

All items are in excellent condition and have been well taken care of, and come from a non-smoking home. The complete list is:

Weather Tech cargo mat in black ($60.00)

Weather Tech floor mats (4) in black ($50.00)

Complete roof system: Porsche brand roof rack and black Porsche brand cargo box (for top of car) ($500.00)

2 extra drivers headrests in black ($200.00) (The headrests are useful if you want to install a DVD system in the car)

I'm in Fairfield County, CT so we can either arrange pick up if you're local to me, or if we need to ship anything you would be responsible for the costs. All items can be purchased separately or in any combo you like.

I will send pictures of anything you're interested in as well. Thank you!
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Items still available? I have a 2005 cayenne s. Will these items work?
All take the weather tech products. Give me a call 616-340-4514 and we can take care of payment and shipping Doug
Hi, can you post pictures of the rook system or send to [email protected] thx
What of your stuff if any is still available?
Roof Rack Syst; still available??

Please post some pics
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