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to buy or not to buy, that is the question asked,
for it is a shitload of money, but oh so cool.

thinking about a cayanne to replace my current 5.4L v8 ford fairmont ghia
buying a seadoo jetboat and would like a better tow car.

so, hi..
is this a very new forum?
it seem well layed out, but it's a ghost town.
is there a more active forum i should look at?
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Buy it! Cayenne is a great replacement and i dont think anything can beat it for what it is.
Is anything wrong with your Ford Fairmount?

The forum is new, i've been here for a couple months or so...lost track of time lol
very well layed out indeed, easier on the eyes and much easier to read things on here unlike other sites.
nothing wrong with the ford, it's awsom, 07 triptronic, love it,
but 4wd would be much better for pulling the boat around
Welcome! Cayenne is a load of $$$$$ but if you can afford it go right ahead but it depends what year you wanna get.
what year range Cayenne do you want?
have you looked into the towing capacity for the Cayenne to tow your boat/.
cayanne is rated to 3500kg braked, i think. so it should tow the boat no problem,
Your right Twenty B, the Cayenne should do it with no problems. I don't see why not, porsche builds there vehicles strong, really strong. After all look how much were paying for it. When you buy Porsche you not just paying for a name, your paying for the quality and durability and much more.

I never seen a Cayenne tow a boat, when do you let us know how it goes.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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