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So, after spending the past year trying to decide on my next vehicle, I have fallen hard into the Cayenne camp. I am currently shopping for a 2004-2006 Cayenne S or Turbo and have really appreciated these forums!! I am an enthusiast, and I am pretty sure I will end up with a turbo at some point, and maybe a nearly new one. I am just so cheap that I have a hard time eating that depreciation! Anyway, it seems like you can find nice examples of these for $20-$25k around the Pacific Northwest, so I am just looking for the right one and will buy it when I find it. Always happy to listen to buying suggestions. Here are a few I have picked up in various threads on here:
1) Coolant tubes will fail, already replaced is a bonus.
2) Driveshafts are a weak point, replaced is a bonus, but listing for tapping when driving the vehicle.
3) Transmission is expensive and failing ones will clunk at downshift.
Anything else I should be looking for?
Great forums!!
Roger L
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