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Hey all,

rear seat removal

2015 Cayenne S, trying to remove the rear bolts on the seat rails and they are tight. (rear bolts on the backseat mounting rails) Acts like I'm spinning a nut when it does budge a little. What do they spin into? Does anyone have a diagram or words of wisdom on removing the seat? Also, does any wiring need to be bypassed (to appease the computer) when the seats unplugged? Thanks

I cut off an allen wrench and removed the front bolts without removing the cushion - no problem.

Now I have all the room I need on the rear bolts with the correct torq tip but they are jammed in tight. Tons of leverage. My fear is anchor nuts are spinning in the frame but I cant find a diagram online for a 2015 seat rails and how the bolts mount. My hope is someone is going to tell me where the nuts are located underneath (if they exist) I cant see any but I barely fit under there, could be looking right at them.

Thank you.


Recently retired from 35 years military, removing seat completely to haul around big rescue dogs on hikes.
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