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MVP Pro M8 is one of the most powerful auto Key Programmers attracting more attention from comprehensive car owners. It can support full range of car models, available to update online and be friendly to use.

So far, what's your own idea about The Key Pro M8?

Here Aobd2shop share with you how to unlock MVP M8 Key Programmer, you can learn to do it yourself via step-by-step procedure if you meet the same error.

1. Send your serial number and password to Aobd2shop customer service when it locked.

2. Give customer service the unlock ID to get back the unlock code.

3. Input the unlock code to unlock your MVP M8 Key Programmer.

4. Copy the file in the CD to the computer.

5. Connect the device to the power supply, and then power up the device, connect the device to the computer via USB and install the driver.

6. Run M8 Tool.exe, download the software you need to the MVP M8 Key Programmer.
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