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Hey all , my name is Mike and I am looking for a new car due to Superstorm Sandy destroying my two cars. I had an 2000 Sc400 with about 475 hp which was my "summer" car , and we also lost our lease for a 2012 Infiniti m56 , well since we my son turned 1, two weeks ago and since my wife and i are going on vacation and "miracles" seem to happen then were looking for an Ultra Luxury suv.

I have never owned a Porsche , nor have I ever had an SUV. I am a huge car guy and lve to modify my vehicles . I love the way the Cayenne looks but most likely won't be able to afford a brand new Lease. So were looking to own one of these beauty's preferably a GTS/Turbo/S version.

I've done some research and for it to fall within our $500pm finance/lease it looks like the only way I can afford a Cayenne Turbo would be a 2004-2006 with mileage. The problem is , do I really need this much power? I'm looking for a car which will be considered to be a collectors muscle car in 10-15 years as I am looking to pass it down to my son as I wanted to do with my Sc400.

I guess I need to know is it worth financing a used Porsche turbo? What issues do they have after 50k miles etc.

Again I'm looking to join this community soon , my other options are

Range Rover Sport
Now rem all of these will be used with miles so I don't expect superb things but I think I can get an excellently used ultra premium car for under $40k . The most important thing for us is enough room for two kids and their stuff.

I'm opened to any and all suggestions as I know nothing of these brands since i have only owned a Lexus and infinitis.
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