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SpeedART Brings Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid To 444-HP

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While we’ve been paying so much attention to Toyota’s Prius and Honda’s upcoming CR-Z in terms of aftermarket modifications, it’s easy to overlook that there are more than just sport compact hybrids running around on the streets. For those that still yearn for the luxury and comfort of an SUV, Porsche’s Cayenne S Hybrid is a great alternative in saving some gas while still riding in comfort and style.

But the gap is being narrowed with aftermarket companies looking to tune hybrids, unleashing even more horsepower without sacrificing mpgs. SpeedART has dubbed their Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid project speedHYBRID 450 for its 450-hp power output, an increase of 70 over the factory spec. Torque is 420 ft-lbs.

They don’t quite explain how the majority of this power is gained, but do specify that it doesn’t alter the electric mode. We’re guessing mpg isn’t drastically changed despite the power gains. In addition, a sport exhaust system is offered with a sound switch for those that want to dial-it down a bit when needed.

On the outside are staggered 22-inch wheels from LSC-Forged. Lowering the car is an electronic module for the air ride system.

SpeedART also noted that they currently have a pair of body kits under development to also change the styling of the Cayenne S Hybrid. We’ll keep our eyes out!

[ Source: AutoGuide.com ]
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As unimpressive as the power gains are, SpeedART did make the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid much cooler than before. Power gains are better than other's that don't even get as much gains that SpeedART did.

SpeedART should've added an aero kit to help with performance and maybe give this hybrid more downforce at high speeds.
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