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From: Vadim Fediounine <[email protected]>
> Subject:
> To: [email protected]
> Date: Thursday, March 1, 2012, 4:49 PM
> Hello, My name is Vadim. As you can
> see I'm true Porsche fun. I own a 911/993 and Cayenne S. On
> my recent road trip at speed 73 MPH spoiler on Cayenne got
> blown away. I feel fortunate, that it doesn't kill anyone,
> or damaged anything, likely no one was behind me. On my
> visit at Barrier Porsche and showing and explaining to them
> what happening was no reaction what so ever. Hope it is
> single case and nobody will be killed by flying away
> spoiler. Hope and rely on yours consideration. Sincerely
> Vadim Fediounine. And now part two
> ................................................................................Hello.
> I don't know how to address you. In some sense it fills like
> Russian novel where kid writing the letter to his
> grandfather who lived somewhere far and away and this kid
> lost any faith in truth in responsibility. My letter
> to you remains to me the same thing. It is just a letter to
> someone without face or address with the hope that someone
> over
> there will read this and maybe will understand and will
> assist you with your issues.Yes, I did wrote a letter two
> days ago about my spoiler being flying away at speed 73 MPH
> and likely no one was killed by that. Although I did
> received phone call from Porsche North America who where was
> very upset that I did contacted to you, regarding this
> matter, but their conversation ended up with "thank you for
> contacting to us" and this is it. I had previously owned
> two Mercedes-Benz and I have never being treated this
> way by them. Imagine the Lexus will do this... But it's
> looks like for Edsel Porsche it is "Ok" to
> ignore their devoted customers. So far no one tell me what
> is a problem, so far no one stepped up and offered any
> assistance with this matter. So disappointed in You Porsche
> Vadim Fediounine. Please if any one over there has same problem, please contact me. Thank you.


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