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Hello Group,
I am just beginning my understanding of the Cayenne. I now own a 2020 Porsche 992 C4S so I am less interested in speed in my future SUV than I am in Performance and responsiveness. Yesterday, I had a test drive in an AUDI SQ7. It is a worthy competitor to the Cayenne. I hope also to try out the Range Rover line as well as a similar Mercedes Benz.
In regard to the Cayenne, I hope to drive the full line of choices within the line up. This is no small feat as no dealer has all of the variety and would not be too happy to offer it anyway, unless I, perhaps, am to order the car that day. And order I will. With all the performance options that I will want, no model would be on any lot in the USA, especially during our Covid19 deprived time.
I want to learn as much as I can about the Cayenne, as I did before ordering my 992. I look forward to your input, and forgive my lack of knowledge at the outset.
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