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Take A Look Inside Lamborghini’s Urus With Agent 001

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Your humble author hates the Lamborghini Urus with the fury of a thousand indignant suns. I am also completely over the whole self-congratulatory Pebble Beach/Monterey Historics business which is currently occupying the attention of the entire West Coast buffet-browsing crew.

Out of consideration of the fact that some of you might not feel the same way, however, heeeeere’s Urus!

AutoSpies’ Agent 001 went to “Quail”, whatever that is. I think of quail as something you use a Benelli Super Eagle to murder with extreme prejudice. No wait, that’s not quail, I’m actually thinking of Toronto squeegee thugs. Anyway, at “Quail”, he saw the Urus and photographed it. Check it out.

Take A Look Inside Lamborghini’s Urus With Agent 001 | The Truth About Cars
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Yesterday we made sure to publish our very first real-life shots of the Lamborghini Urus and today we're going to take you to the next place you'd be if you, say, owned the thing.


So, what's the Urus really like? You'll have to take a look for yourself as 001 made sure to canvas the little details scattered throughout the cockpit.

One of the main things that you'll notice is that there appears to be a granite-looking material used for some of the vehicle's structure and, in addition, as trim bits. This, my friends, is Lamborghini's all-new, patented technology known as Forged Composite.

An excerpt from Lamborghini's press release at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show:


The Lamborghini Urus completely redefines the term sporty within the SUV segment, yet without restricting its everyday usability. This is particularly evident in its interior – the driver and up to three passengers feel like they are wearing a perfectly made-to-measure suit – carefully fitted, but comfortable. Yet there can be no doubt that what we are dealing with here is the ultimate sports car among SUVs. Virtually the complete interior is – in keeping with the Lamborghini lightweight design strategy – finished in carbon fiber reinforced polymer.

Automobili Lamborghini possesses a unique competence in the use of carbon materials, and exhibits this innovative technology in the Urus concept car. The center tunnel is particularly notable – an open, skeletal carbon fiber structure made from Forged Composite®. It carries through the entire interior and is only partially clad in leather-upholstered cushioning. Single cushions also clad the four bucket seats. The seating position is lower and flatter than in any other vehicle in the segment. Also all four bucket seats are made from Forged Composite®.

The Lamborghini Urus concept car also features an extremely minimized operating philosophy. Behind the steering wheel are only the shift paddles for the dual-clutch transmission. All other functions such as indicators, lights and windshield wipers are incorporated into either the multifunction steering wheel or the center console. The driver is delivered information via a freely programmable TFT screen behind the steering wheel. Secondary functions like navigation, entertainment and climate control are operated via a touchscreen on the center tunnel. A further touchscreen is available for rear seat passengers.

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