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TechArt Magnum Kit...IN STOCK!!

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Hello Everyone. Our shipment just arrive today!!!!!
TechArt Cayenne Magnum Kit (958)
Fits ALL models of the Cayenne
The Magnum Kit includes the following parts: Front Bumper w/Integrated Ventilation intakes, auxiliary headlamps w/fog and high beam lights, DRL, front grill louvers, wheel arch extensions for front and rear, side skirts, tail gate panel, and rear diffuser-style apron.
Retail Price $29,995.00
Please Email or PM us for special pricing...

Thank you!!!!!

Optional Item: TechArt Exhaust System or exhaust Tips, Hood, and Roof Wing
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The front end of this body kit really kills it for me but the rear end is just perfect. For the rear end I'd rather have the diffuser in black instead of grey, but grey helps to add a classy look.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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