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TechArt Releases Porsche Cayenne Diesel Tuning Program

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TechArt has revealed their tuning kit for the new-generation Porsche Cayenne Diesel, increasing horsepower output from 240-hp to 280-hp. The power increase comes courtesy from their Techtronic power kit line, (part number TA 058/D1) which is essentially an intelligent engine management system that puts power boost at the push of a button. In addition to the Techtronic power kit, TechArt offers a sport exhuast system for the Cayenne Diesel.

Torque is increased from 405 lb-ft to to 457 lb-ft helping give the Cayenne Diesel's 0-62 mph time to 7.2 seconds and a new top speed of 145-mph. As with all Techtronic units, this TechArt tuning program is backed by a warranty on engine and transmission.

No pricing was announced for the tuning package.

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Hopefully the price makes going for this small engine upgrade worth it. With only 40 HP & 42 LB-FT more, and the Cayenne being as heavy as it is....the power increase might not be too noticeable. Maybe we will have better acceleration and top but the numbers alone aren't impressive
Diesel tuning

Hey its really great..increasing horsepower output from 240-hp to 280-hp is really great..its something new i am sure everyone will surely like it..from this information i came to know something new and its really interesting..nice..:)


Diesel tuning
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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