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The 6th Cayenne Arctic Route Adventure

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The dream becomes real!​
Porsche Cars Canada will support us with 4 Cayenne, last generation.
A very warm thank you to Who has made possible for us to live the “trip of our life”!

As wrote in the last years about the Event “Canada – Alaska” in our web site under “coming soon”, we’ll have so much to write and anyway will not be sufficient to give the right “thickness” of this Adventure.
I do not want even mention the sightseeing, I do not want stole the “stage” to the photos that we’ll publish, but I just visualise the “organization” meaning what we have to care for to make the Event easier.
Set perfectly every particular for the 8/9 Participants of which 6 are Italians (4 are Members of Club Porsche Marche!) and 2/3 are Canadian or American and among them there is a journalist, will be a pleasure and really will be the test for the future Adventures The Group will organise.
Two examples for all: starting from the dresses needed for to face weather conditions (temperature in Vancouver will be 44°F, in Prudhoe Bay -2,2°F) for ot finish with a Satellite phone for to be anytime and everywhere “plugged” with the World sending photos and news, daily.

Very shortly I remember the main “feature” of the 6th Cayenne Intercontinental: Adventure long 20 days (date has to be officially decided but by now we say end 28th March - 16th April 2011) 6.200 Miles to cover on the British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska roads. 1.200 Miles of “gravel road” from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay and back Intercontinental flight from Italy to Vancouver and back 140 driving hours

This is the 6th Cayenne Intercontinental!
Is anyone here taking part in the event?
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Unfortunately I wont be taking part in the event, but it is something I will want to take part in sometime during my life lol. It sounds like a lot of fun and I bet it is, no doubts about it.

I'm sure some people from this forum will be taking part in the event

They look pretty cool, even in brown!

that's just awesome, is that a picture you took? That color be it brown or burgundy it suits the Cayenne and keeps that level of luxury unlike other colors that just seem tacky.

Are there any other pictures of this Cayenne and others taking part?
We have three journalists taking part in the Challenge. They are sending daily updates and pictures.

Their photos and updates are sent to this page:

The icy conditions have already caused an accident:

The driver was trying to overtake a truck when he spun and hit a snowbank.
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omg how does someone let that happen to such a beautiful machine.
how does that happen, that looks BAD. possibility of sliding sideways into a non moving object? dont even think i wanna know how much that Porsche Cayenne accident cost him

That looks like one really long and tiring trip to be on but I know the sights they will get to see and the cool roads they get to travel on will be all worth it and will put the Cayenne's to the test.

Hey Marc.... if you don't mind I can update this thread everyday as the trip goes on unless you want to? Let me know cause I know everyone else on this forum will love to be informed about it as it progresses!
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Hey Marc.... if you don't mind I can update this thread everyday as the trip goes on unless you want to? Let me know cause I know everyone else on this forum will love to be informed about it as it progresses!
I don't mind at all! It's cool that this trip is getting positive reaction. Maybe it will help to attract more teams for next year's challenge...
They are at day 6 out of 19.

For some reason, this picture made me laugh:

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Update! Now there on Day 8 of 19 of the Porsche Cayenne Arctic Route Adventure
seem like the team didn't have an ideal day but still getting through it all!

Day 8 - 9:30 AM
The challenging trailer

It's bloody cold out there this morning - minus 40 Celsius when you factor in the windchill. You couldn't find a more gruelling cold-weather hybrid vehicle test than the most northern point of this continent. But the hybrid Cayenne fired up without complaint.

We decide to try our luck at the checkpoint, but we're unable to convince the unsmiling guards to take sympathy on us. Our Italian companions are disappointed, but cheerfully settle for pictures of the restricted access sign and the vast open tundra adjacent to the ocean.

After filling up (at $5.00 a U.S. gallon) we set forth once again to tackle Haul Road. There's a thin snow blowing almost diagonally, and the big rigs pass in great swirling clouds. Traffic is heavier today, with trucks passing every fifteen minutes or so. Visibility is horrible, and the rigs seem enormous when they suddenly appear through the gloom.

I admit I've got butterflies thinking about the deadly Atigun Pass - particularly given that our trailer's brakes were periodically malfunctioning causing it to wiggle and squirm. We inch our way up and down the double switchback, mere feet from a tiny guardrail separating us from a 4,000-ft drop.

Reaching the end, I exhale with relief.

Day 8 - 1:00 PM
Ahem, pit stops...

Once over the Pass, trees start to reappear, and soon we're back on pavement.

I know there's one burning question you're just dying to ask, but are much too polite, and that's the matter of "pit stops". From the Arctic Circle to a few miles past Coldfoot, there are occasional wooden outhouse shelters. After that, it's a quick dash outside and a shake for the guys.

For me, it's a bit more... elaborate. Out on the frozen tundra, there are no rocks or bushes, no cover from approaching trucks. Opening the front and rear doors forms an impromptu shelter, my travelling companions chivalrously averting their eyes while I curse the stinging snow.

After we've reached the treelike - it seems easy - a simple dash up the steep slope and a quick crouch behind a spruce. Part way up the incline, I break through the deceptively thin crust and flounder in deep, thigh high snow, cursing and grabbing onto a spindly tree to haul myself up.

Finishing my ritual as quick as humanly possible and "invigorated" by a handful of refreshingly cold snow, I flounder back down the slope, grabbing at trees for balance and fling myself back into the Cayenne... only to find my two companions convulsed with laughter. Wankers.
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