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Hello everyone,

My 2020 E Hybrid Coupe is factory-equipped with the retractable towbar (hook) to which I have attached the Thule EasyFold XT3 bike rack. I have also plugged in the rack to the towbar connector. However, no lights are lit.
The same bike rack mounted on the towbar of other vehicles (Audi Q7, Opel, Mazda) works just fine and the lights lit as expected.

The dealer's service manager keeps telling me that I should have bought a Porsche Tequipment bike rack (which, btw, is manufactured by Thule and branded Porsche).

I don't agree with this, first because I need to carry 3 bikes and second, most importantly, because I have bought the towbar thinking I could use it to tow whatever I need, like a boat, a trailer etc. The salesperson never mentioned I can only mount Porsche equipment on the towbar.

Does any of you experienced the same? What is your opinion on this matter?

Thank you.
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