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Tow Bars

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Hi guys
Been asked by my dad whos looking at buying a cayenne to find him some information.
He needs a tow bar for the use of towing a trailor around though very few cayennes come with them. With it being an optional extra do all cayennes come with the loom for trailor electrics fitted as standard? As he is considering buying one without a tow bar and getting an aftermarket one fitted though doesnt want to bother with the hassle of the original electric sliding one.
Thanks in advance
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My car goes in for the receiver installation tomorrow. The service writer at All German Auto in Escondido Ca purchased the hitch from Uhaul and is installing it for me. He did ask me if my boat trailer has electric brakes. It does not. I am getting a four pin connecter put on. I can ask while I am at the shop tomorrow. More to follow.
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