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I have just brought a 2008 4.8 turbo from a forecourt and now have concerns. It drove nice on test drive but on the way home on the motorway between 70 & 80mph it felt like it was driving over cat's eyes. The next morning when i contacted the seller it was suggested I havd the wheel balancing checked. Halfords suspected the tires were skipping at speed due to a wheel alignment issue. Concerned I also measured the ride heights -
F/L=840mm (OK) F/R=820mm (-20mm)
R/L=840mm (OK) R/R=880mm (+40mm)
The air suspension goes up and down as it should but with the same -20 +40 inconsistently on the R/H side.
The seller agreed to have the tracking done but has said it has not fixed the ride height issue. When i asked about the ride height inconsistency the seller said that it was nothing to be concerned about as it's a self-levelling system.

Is he right?
Any advice would be appreciated


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How did you measure the ride height? And can we assume it was on perfectly level ground? Ignition/engine running or off? Sitting overnight?

And I'm moving your question to the Series 955/957 Cayenne tech forum since that's where it should have started..

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