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Trading Old Cayenne for the New 2012 Cayenne

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Hello, everyone! I am trading in my 2004 Cayenne for the Brand new build 2012 Cayenne that I will be getting custom built starting today! I just put my deposit down. I have 3 days to change my mind out options, and I dont want to go over $70000.00

So Far, I am getting all white like my screen name, lol, the $6500.00 painted white wheel package, and the Panormic Sunroof. Not sure if I want to add the $5600.00 Navi package because I heard there may be some aftermarket Navi out. Also, I will be getting the white dials on the dash and Luxor Beige Interior.

If anyone has any suggegtions on options to add to make my new Cayenne even sleeker. Please do tell. I am so excited to be a member of this Forum.
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Wow, exactly 3 months to the date. My new Cayenne came in on Monday and I just saw it for the first time today!! I will have pics soon when my funds post to the dealer! Its nothing less than amazing. I will be posting pics up for everybody.

I didnt get the break package, but I wanted it, but it was out of my budget. So, I am getting my black break calipers painted yellow. I need help trying to order the authentic Porsche paint, I already found the Porsche decal stickers on the suncoast website. Anyone, please help.
congrats on your new Cayenne! Can't wait to see those pictures.
I think the black calipers look really good, why do you wanna paint them yellow?
Whats the exact name of the yellow your looking for?
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