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Trying to change xenon headlights with LED

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Hello, guys.
I have a 92A Cayenne from 09.2016. My xenon headlights keep fogging and I already changed the left headlight as it wouldn't work anymore.
Now the right headlight seems to fog so bad it will break.
I want to swap/retrofit/change the current headlights (xenon) with full LED headlights. I found HELLA LED headlights and some videos that show the change is basically plug&play.

Any ideas? Will I have some sort of error notifications? I haven't changed anything to this car yet and don't want to break anything.

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Thank you for your reply. I don't know how it is in US, but in EU, or at least Romania, Cayennes 92A don't usually have LED headlights. We have xenon on low beam, and halogen on high beams (H7). But, after a few years, the headlamps get old, I guess, and the fog. After a few months they stop working as all the internal components get wet. I changed the left headlight at the only Porsche dealer in Romania, with aprox $3000, but I thought that if I change them intro LED headlights, they wouldn't have this problem anymore.
Here are a few links with the Hella LED headlights I found:
- a romanian online shop

- design911shop.com
Your answer was more than I expected! Thank you.
I will contact Hella, just to be sure about my decision.
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