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To buy a super charger or turbo and installed is quite expensive and costly on both your wallet and yoru car.

Turbo has lag when you first start off and has great power overall
Super charger is belt driven so no lag and still has great power

Shops that install them are different by GM Tech 2
where you live. In California, I would say goto Super Autobachs and have them outfit your car. There are lots of aftermarket parts stores that will help you out with getting the parts. Finding a shop that will install them correctly and keep your engine from detonating in the first 1000 miles is a different story.

I like the idea of the Cougar. V6 2.5lt 24 valve double overhead cam. 164 base Hp. check out Ford Probe websites to look at possible turbos. Same engine, and basically same car. Some would argue that the cougar is the 3rd generation Ford Probe GT.

Celica, depending on the year can be a great car. Small 4cylinder and high compression. Turbo this car and you run a great risk of blowing the engine up in the first year. The higher the compression, the greater the risk of detonating the car. The mechanic has to really know what he's doing to turbo this car.

Stealth, great car for a turbo, infact a twin turbo on this car makes it deadly. Your basically looking at a 3000gt here so V6 3.0litre 24 valve. Twin Turbo versions have 300 Hp to start. You can find engines and trubos pretty easily for this car as well as information on upgrades and features.
05 kia spectre. well, no one would see it coming. Not sure on how many enthusiasts there are out there trying to upgrade these cars but I won't tell you not to do it. Once again, great mechanic and the right parts will make any ride fast.
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