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Tyre/Tire Advice for 2005 3.2 V6 Cayenne

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I have just bought a Cayenne, 3.2 V6. I'm delighted with it. 95K, full service history, drives nicely, although quite a firm ride compared to previous cars (Mercedes ML, Volvo V70).
It is currently running 275/45 R19 tyres (I live in England, sorry about the spelling).
I am an old bloke, so comfort is a factor in driving.
I would be very grateful for any comments / advice on whether switching tyres would make a significant difference to ride comfort. The roads where I live are so crowded that you're usually just boot-strapping, so high-speed cornering is not really an option even if I wanted to! Would a higher profile set of tyres be worthwhile?
Many thanks..
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We bought a 2005 Cayenne S with the 19" rims and we did not like the ride firmness. So I picked up some Audi Q7 18" rims and was able to go with a higher profile tire. We are enjoying the ride much better now. I even picked up a second pair of Audi Q7 rims for a set of snow tires and the Cayenne is a tank in the snow.
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Thanks, that's really useful, I hadn't realised that the Cayenne and Q7 were similar in wheel fitting, I knew about VW link but not Audi. Very helpful.
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